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Don’t wait for a disaster to update rules, regulations, policies, procedures, & techniques.

Why Hydro Excavation? We’ll Tell You!

  • Less material removed turns into less disposal, less backfill, less restoration.
  • Clean Cut. Key to clean cuts and minimal post-excavation restoration activities.
  • Safety. Hydro-Excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive way of excavating.
  • Environmental Impact. The process itself is a clean and precise method of digging.

Why Line Locate?

  • Save Money. Locating Oil/Gas pipelines before you start digging.
  • LineQuest uses latest in technology to detect anything you have buried underground.
  • Done right the first time. We understand that accuracy and quality when locating.

Whats the Latest News at LineQuest

In the case of an investigated line strike, what policies/procedures are in place to protect you?