The Global Edge Consultants Future Industry Leader, Texas 2016

The Global Edge Consultants Future Industry Leader, Texas 2016

Awarded to: Shawn R. Hailey – Line Quest, LLC


Judges Comments

“Package submitted addressed at a minimum all four of the elements listed. Letters from companies that utilize their service helped their case along with placing in regional contests (and international event in ‘16). Obtaining National NULCA accreditation really helped set them apart from others. The commitment required to earn the accreditation shows their commitment to protecting human health and safety… very good for our industry.”

“Being able to innovate through tough times sets apart the men from the boys, hats off to them for achieving this.”

Line Quest, LLC – Corporate Overview

Line Quest, LLC operated by 32 year old president/co-owner Shawn R. Hailey is a damage prevention company specializing in line locating & Hydro Excavation. These services combined have positioned Line Quest as an industry leader serving multiple Oil & Gas companies. Through its unique services, Line Quest has minimized the risk of line strikes, thus producing a safer work environment.

In 2016, Line Quest became the first Texas based Line Locating company of any kind to obtain National NULCA accreditation. Line Quest’s training matrix was reviewed by NSF-ISR auditors to verify that all 10 components of the Nulca Competence Standard were met. This is not only a great accomplishment for Line Quest, this is also something the Oil & Gas industry as a whole should be very proud of.

Aside from his Oil & Gas service company, Hailey has a long list of achievements. Although different endeavors, a common factor is evident in each of Hailey’s previous successes. Shawn R. Hailey is a leader. He has upmost dedication, energy, and extraordinary ability to get the most out of his teams. He embodies championship qualities and will be an Oil & Gas industry leader for years to come.

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