Client Testimonials

“Everyone I’ve worked with from LineQuest has always been friendly, courteous, helpful, and willing to do whatever is necessary to help us out. The team communicates extremely well, both internally and with their customers, and is always eager to improve. This company is truly devoted to their profession as well as providing exceptional service to their customers. The quality of their customer service is second to none”.

“Linequest has been performing field service and line locates in the Garden City/Deadwood area of our company for the past several years. They strive to perform all work in a timely, safe and cost effective manner”.

“The men of LineQuest not only are some of the nicest, most professional men I’ve worked with in the industry, but are also deeply focused on safety”.

“As a manufacturer and supplier of hydro excavators for LineQuest, we have found these folks to be true partners and always in  search of the most advanced and technological methods for hydro excavation. We are constantly chatting, conversing, and looking for ways we can work together to customize hydro vacs so they can best meet the needs of the LineQuest Customers and be
the most productive”.

“LineQuest does line locating for us in the Permian basin and has been extremely beneficial to our company. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our assets are protected and it is evident from the way they conduct business that safety is their number one goal”